5 Reasons You Should have WinDirStat for Your PC

By james Bergen

WinDirStat is a great utility for finding and identifying large files on your PC. It can also help you find programs that are slow to launch or take up abnormal amounts of space.

Windirstat has been around since 2003, but it has recently become a go-to tool in many IT departments because of its ability to pinpoint and extract large files. That’s why you should have WinDirStat on your PC.

With the right tool, it's easy to find out which old file taking up so much space is worth saving and which one should be deleted. It makes data recovery easier too, because windirstat compiles all the information on disk into one place so you don't have to search through other folders first.

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With help of this software, it is now easier to locate the largest files on all of your drives and show you what folders eat up the most space on your hard drive. You may also see how the free space on your drives changes over time.


What is WinDirstat

Windirstat is an open-source disk usage analysis tool for Microsoft Windows that produces a graphical representation of where files and folders are being stored.

It can be used to examine the file system and provide detailed information about the disk space usage.

Windirstat has a rich feature set, and can be used not only as a normal application, but also as a command-line program and as a Windows service.

Windirstat is a free and open-source disk space analyzer for Microsoft Windows operating system. It can be used to scan disks and display their statistics in various forms, such as pie charts of allocation types, histograms of file sizes, bar charts of the number of files in different age groups.

How it works?

Windirstat is a graphical person interface software for reading disk space utilization on a nearby drive. It is designed to be interactive and clean to use, permitting customers to quick apprehend wherein the biggest and maximum elaborate information units are located.

Windirstat helps sorting through length and loose area; locating massive documents, replica documents, or old documents finding where in disk area is allocated evaluating the contents of directories and copying decided on documents in a listing tree up into every other listing.

Why should I use WinDirStat?

Windows already permits you to test your loose disk area the use of the File Explorer. In Windows 10, for instance, you may click on This PC withinside the left pane of any File Explorer window, and spot how lots area you've got got to be had to your disk drives.

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If you right-click on any disk and pick Properties, you may see extra distinct facts beneathneath the General tab.

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You can do the identical factor with character directories in your computer. Right-click on any folder, pick out Properties, and Windows will tally up the scale of all of the documents and directories that it contains.

However, those techniques do not come up with many details. Is there one large record taking on all that space? Is there one specific folder containing masses of large documents?

That's wherein WinDirStat may be used. It can display you a diagram of each record in your computer and you may see at a look which documents and directories are taking on maximum of your space.

5 reason you should have WinDirStat

Windirstat is a disk usage analysis tool for Windows. It helps you to find out what's taking up all the space on your PC and where, so you can remove unneeded files.

1) Detects and displays the different types of file systems in use on your computer.

2) Allows you to examine the size and location of folders, subfolders, as well as individual files.

3) Provides drive maps that show every directory in a graphical format.

4) Allows you to search a directory's contents for text patterns or specific file types.

5) Shows size distribution graphically over time.

Advantages of WinDirStat

When the use of this device, you may assume your working machine to be supported, which results in your laptop jogging faster. The packages deployation pretty fast to your laptop. You do now no longer want to be a seasoned in some thing to down load this application.

All you want to understand the way to do is hit the down load button. The record sizes that may be supported via way of means of this device are various. You may want to use it to test only a single folder too. The deleting of documents from inside this application is pretty easy.

The best actual downside with this application is that it best works on working structures supported via way of means of Windows. Scans via way of means of this device may be pretty gradual at times, that may cause frustration.

Some advantages are as follows:

  1. It installs quickly.
  2. It can support multiple file types of varying sizes.
  3. You can freely choose what specific hard drive to scan.
  4. It allows you to scan a single folder instead of the entire drive.
  5. It allows you to easily delete files from a certain application folder.

Disadvantages of WinDirStat

  1. It only works on Windows.
  2. It does not have a portable version.

Other Things You Should Know About WinDirStat

Before you continue with putting in WinDirStat, right here are extra information which you is probably involved in:

1. It supports almost all Windows OS versions, from Windows 95 to Windows 10/11.

2. You can scan multiple or individual hard drives.

3. You can scan external hard drives, too!

4. You can simply browse thru documents and folders the identical manner as you will in Windows Explorer. The simplest distinction is that it kinds the folders through overall size.

5. It permits you to quick reproduction the direction of a report or folder.

6. It has a cleanup menu that offers a manner to get entry to documents and folders from inside the tool.

7. It presentations up to two million subitems in a listing.

8. You can extrade the colours for each listing list inside the tool’s settings.

9. You can customize the height, style, and brightness of the utility.

Customizing WinDirStat

Over time it's far viable that we are able to be the use of WinDirStat extra regularly so we are able to recognize the customization opportunities it offers.

First, we will pick out the language a good way to be implemented to the whole interface. In the left window, we will boom the extent of the tree that gets shadeation as much as the eighth. The treemap is likewise customizable and it's far allowed to extrade the shadeation, the brightness and evaluation or the occurrence of light.

A very thrilling choice for everyday customers is the opportunity of coming into described cleansing orders . Thus, every time we prompt them, they may smooth all of the folders that we've got indicated. It may be very beneficial to drain a folder after an afternoon of work.

Finally, you could extrade the header and final of the emails. Remember that WinDirStat sends utilization reviews via the mail control software which you have set up for your computer.

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After all the disussion we onclude that WinDirStat is one of the best seoftware for cleaning your PC and removing big files. It has great userr interface and it is easy to use.

It will help you to clean your PC and work faser & Smoothly. their are so many alternative of windirstat availabe in market is WInDirStat is one the best option for you.